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Volume VI – March 2017


P. Tazewell DelDonna ’17
Christopher M. Williams-Morales ’17


Brant D. Boucher ’17
David Z. Bushhouse ’19
J. Traylor Nichols ’17
Tyler H. Reekes ’17
Reuben P. Retnam ’17
Steven K. Ruane ’17
Dustin B. Wiles ’17
William R. Zechman ’17


Michael J. Wolyniak
Department of Biology

Cover Photo: Sea turtle breeding grounds are increasingly threatened by human encroachment, and the breeding grounds of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore are no exception. On this map of the Seashore, sea turtle nesting areas are monitored using a technology called Turtle Sense to gain more information on timeframes for hatching and emergence of a new generation. To learn more about this technology, check out the Turtle Sense article by Joshua Chamberlin ’17 and Erin Clabough in this issue.


News from the Hampden-Sydney Science Departments
Rupak Dua, Kristin M. Fischer, Brian C. Lins, Daniel G. Mossler, and Mitchell H. Thomas ’17


This is your Brain. This is your Brain on Space
David Z. Bushhouse ’19

Martian Botany: A Look at Today’s Technology versus the Technology of The Martian by Andrew Weir
Ryan A. Kluk ’17

Mars: A Prospect for Settlement
Mitchell H. Thomas ’17

A Look at the Space Age: Past and Present
Christopher M. Williams-Morales ’17


Developing tools for biochemical studies of Saccharomyces cerevisiae nuclear envelope proteins Brr6 and Brl1
Darryl C. Bines, Jr. ’17 and Michael J. Wolyniak

Isolation and genome annotation of mycobacteriophage Thespis
David Z. Bushhouse ’19 and Michael J. Wolyniak

Monitoring Caretta caretta (Loggerhead) sea turtle hatchlings by using Turtle Sense to predict emergence
Joshua V. Chamberlin ’17 and Erin B.D. Clabough

Stereotype change: The effects of inconsistent stereotype information on American attitudes
William H. Fitzgerald ’16 and Jennifer E. Vitale

Electro-magnetic induction in wireless charging devices
Pasquale J. Graziosi ’17, Hugh O. Thurman, III and Walter C. McDermott, III

Sanctuary zones: Do they provide refuge and safety for Tridacna maxima?
Ryan A. Kluk ’17, Alicia L. Sutton, and Kate Rodger

Renovation of Spectronic-20 by integrating a Raspberry Pi computing system
Tyler A. McGaughey ’18 and C. William Anderson

The analysis of Pseudoperonospora humuli and Podosphaera macularis on Humulus lupulus and Humulus japonicas and analysis of disease resistant analogues
John Traylor Nichols Jr ‘17, Gannon R Griffin ‘17, Michael P. Willis ’17, Drew T Elliott ‘18, Michael J. Wolyniak and Edward Lowry

Characterization of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and assessing micropropagation potential in Allium tricoccum
Dakota M. Reinartz ’18 and Michael J. Wolyniak

Characterizing the critical curves of 4×4 matrices
Reuben P. Retnam ’17 and Brian C. Lins

Measuring phase speed at single bubble resonance through a bubbly liquid using the standard transfer function technique
Cecil M. Tiblin ’18, Stanley A. Cheyne and Hugh O. Thurman, III

Environmental sampling for radioisotopes on the Hampden-Sydney College campus
William R. Zechman and Hugh O. Thurman, III