Task Forces

The Wilson Center Board of Advisors and the Faculty Advisory Committee have put together a strategic plan that asks the Wilson Center to work with more students and faculty across all disciplines, raise money and connect with more friends and supporters, and strengthen curricular and co-curricular programs.  These task forces are a way to engage supporters and keep alumni, friends, faculty, and staff connected and informed.  They are meant to be informal with little formal hierarchy.  They are project based.  If folks have questions or ideas, they can engage and support as needed.  Task forces may adapt and end as challenges are complete and new opportunities arise.  Please contact Dr. Ryan Pemberton at rpemberton@hsc.edu with questions or to volunteer.

Outreach:  The goal of this task force is to engage as many friends and supporters as possible to meet Wilson Center priorities.  The ultimate goal of the group is to raise the funds needed to support current operations and long-term goals.  Priorities include support for student scholarships, program enhancement, and internships.  The task force will also provide advice about building and executing our current year fundraising plan and building our social media and communications infrastructure.  Frank Roach ’73, Member of the Wilson Center Board of Advisors and Hampden-Sydney College Board of Trustees, is leading this task force.

Career:  The goal of the task force is to create a broad and deep network of supporters who connect current students and alumni with potential internship and career opportunities.  We will initially focus on building the number of internships provided to students as our four-year leadership program, leadership, and national security studies minors grow.  We also hope to build a mentoring program to connect experienced professionals to students and early career alumni for support and advice.  Frank Wheeler ’85, Member of the Wilson Center Board of Advisors, is leading this task force.

Washington DC Task Force: The ultimate goal of the group is to expand the College’s and Center’s presence in the DC area.  We expect that increased presence will help the College recruit additional students, raise needed funds, and build career connections for current students and recent graduates.  Our goal is to provide students with a May term in the DC area, build on and harness the collective good will of alumni, parents, and friends in the area, and build a plan to assess costs and logistical challenges of building a physical presence in the DC area.  Trey Lackey ’85, Vice Chairman of the Wilson Center Board of Advisors, is leading this task force.