Wilson Fellows: Four-Year Leadership Program

This August, the College welcomed 47 freshmen into the new four-year leadership fellows program.  These outstanding young men represent the very best of Hampden-Sydney College.  They are smart, outgoing, polite, honest, and hardworking.  These young men have become involved in nearly every aspect of campus life.  They are participating in varsity athletics, writing for The Tiger, rushing fraternities, engaging with UPLS, competing as part of the Ethics Bowl team, and succeeding in the classroom.  Two of the three newly elected student senators from the Class of 2022 are members of the program.

Here is a short overview of the four-year program.  Year one began with an immersive leadership experience that took place three days before classes started.  They read case studies, participated in leadership exercises, visited the historic Moton Museum, bonded with one another, and heard from legendary former professor, Dr. Alan Farrell.  They will continue to learn about themselves and how to relate to others throughout the year.

One freshman said the following about his experience this semester, “the orientation program gave me the opportunity to break the ice with new people even before matriculation.” He continued, “being introduced to a community of like-minded people who take an interest in leadership was and is a big help to understanding how I fit in at a college like Hampden-Sydney. In the coming months and years, I am looking forward to applying the concepts and skills I am learning as a member of the program to jobs, internships, and ultimately, a career.”

In year two, these men will become members of the Society of ’91 where they will be exposed to important leadership theories and be provided with space to practice and hone their leadership skills.

Years three and four will see our young men go out into the community to do important service projects for others.  Each fellow will also be provided with an internship between their junior and senior year.

These young men will be guided throughout their four years by a faculty or staff member who serves as a leadership advisor.