Wilson Center Award Banquet

Each year those associated with the Wilson Center gather to celebrate our graduates and to honor the recipients of the James Madison and Patrick Henry awards.  These banquets are always meaningful events as our students hear from role models who have lived lives of exemplary service.

The following students completed requirements for the Leadership in the Public Interest minor.  This minor was originally developed as a program in the early 1990s for students interested in careers focused on selfless service.  The minor provides students the opportunity to study leaders and leadership concepts that are applicable to citizenship, service, and ethical decision making in a variety of contexts.

Congratulations to:
John David Allen
Robert Christopher Bowen
Chase Kristian Counts
Conner Jones Francis
Ethan Michael Gaines
Nicklaus Scott Hinckle
Christopher Carson King
John Brandon Koch
Alexander Woodward Parham
Garrett Paul Ramsey
Landen Blake Wood
Levy Mitchell Young

The Harvey B. Morgan Public Service Award is presented annually to a graduating senior who has successfully completed the requirements of the Public Service Program at Hampden-Sydney College, who has demonstrated an interest in public service at the local or state level, and whose integrity and excellence of character reflect those qualities as evidenced in the life of Harvey B. Morgan ‘52.

Congratulations to the 2020 recipient, Conner James Francis ’20.

The following students were recognized for completing the requirements for the National Security Studies minor.  The minor was originally started as the Military Leadership and National Security Studies Program in 2005.  The minor provides students with insight into the historical, political, ethical, cultural, and legal dimensions of national security.

Congratulations to:
William Joseph Brady
Dylan Frederick Cate
Michael Colin Corini
Noah Richard Domikis
John Walker Dyke
Chandler Thomas Foster
Ethan Michael Gaines
Thomas David Gorman
Nathan James McVey
Cameron Scott Meyers
Peter Roper Pickard
Garrett Paul Ramsey
Ryan David Sanfilippo
Jackson Carter Stubbs
Trent Hollowell Taylor
Charles Joseph Toomey
Nickolas Villarroel
James Robert Winkler

Each year the James Y. Simms National Security Studies Award is presented to a graduating senior (or seniors) who has excelled in the field of national security studies, completed the requirements of the National Security Studies minor at Hampden-Sydney College; who has demonstrated leadership and service; and whose integrity and excellence of character reflect those qualities as evidenced in the life of James Y. Simms.

Congratulations to the two 2020 award recipients, Thomas David Gorman ’20 and Garrett Paul Ramsey ’20.

The James Madison award is presented annually to an alumnus or friend for distinguished service on behalf of the College and Wilson Center.  The two 2020 award winners are part of the very fabric of the College.  Both are model servant leaders and members of this special community.

Congratulations to retired Dean of Admissions Anita H. Garland and Wilson Center Fellow and Emeritus Professor of History James Y. Simms.

The Patrick Henry Award is presented annually to an alumnus who has distinguished himself in a career in public service.

Congratulations to Colonel William T. Anderson ’67, United States Marine Corps-retired.

Please check out pictures of the great event.

Hampden-Sydney Week in D.C. Trip

Dr. David Marion and Dr. Ryan Pemberton took students in their INDS 385: Leadership and Public Policy at the National Level class to Washington for spring break. Students networked with alumni and friends and enjoyed the unique culture of Washington during a whirlwind excursion to our nation’s capital.

It is hard to fathom that this trip ended up marking the last Wilson Center events of the 2020 academic year.  We did, however, go out with a bang and had a wonderful time.  We are deeply grateful to those alumni and friends who served on a panel or supported the trip.  You made this experience special—thank you.

Here is a rundown of the trip:

Saturday: Students arrived and enjoyed dinner downtown before enjoying a fantastic performance by the Capitol Steps.

Sunday: We toured the National Museum of African American History and Culture, as well as Little Lights Urban Ministries located in Potomac Gardens in Southeast Washington.  We were also treated to an amazing dinner at Matchbox, a Thompson Hospitality Company.  Thank you to Rodney Ruffin ’82!

Monday: The group was given a red carpet tour of the Defense Intelligence Agency.  Students were especially impressed by the museum and the Hall of Fame—note that our center’s namesake, Lt. General Samuel V. Wilson, was a member of the inaugural class.  We then met with folks at the American Council of Trustees and Alumni.  ACTA is policy group committed to liberal education, freedom of speech, and the connection of liberal arts education to democratic ideals.  ACTA has named the Wilson Center an Oasis of Excellence. We then spent the afternoon hearing from a panel of alumni who serve as leaders in the financial sector at the beautiful offices of Fannie Mae.  Thank you to Jeffrey Ketron ’92, Toby Albright ’99, and Adam LaVier ’97.  Martha and Ivan Schlager (parents of Will ’21) hosted our group at their lovely home for a wonderful reception that night.

Tuesday: The class was hosted by David Brown ’87 at his offices at Exelon on Capitol Hill.  David Sanders ’01, Paul Pisano ’89, and Tuck Shumack ’95 gave us a fantastic overview of the current state of our politics.  David Brown ’87 and Tom Craig ’99 then discussed energy and environmental policy.  Kevin Turner ’03 and Marc Brown ’92 discussed serving in legal careers and the role of the general counsel.  Trey Lackey ‘85, our incoming Wilson Center Board of Advisors Chair, put together a fantastic and inspiring panel of intelligence officials.  We then went to the Capitol Hill Club where Dr. Paul Carter, parent of George ’20, offered insights into life at the State Department.  Dakota Wood, a retired Marine and noted national security analyst at the Heritage Foundation, gave outstanding remarks to our group about the current challenges facing our national security infrastructure.

It was an action-packed and meaningful week for our students.  Thanks to all who made this trip possible!  Here are just a few pictures.

Ian Lichacz ’22

  1. Ian Lichacz '22 headshotWhy did you choose HSC?
    I think the easiest way to explain it is the fact that I felt like there was something special about the College. Something that I could only understand if I decided to call Hampden-Sydney my home away from home for four years. After two years on the Hill now, I can safely say Hampden-Sydney is a special place for a multitude of reasons from the Brotherhood to the Honor Code we all sign. You also can never forget the tailgating that is almost a tradition in itself.
  2. With what activities have you been involved at HSC?
    I have had the honor to serve on the Student Senate for two terms. I was elected treasurer of my fraternity, Delta Kappa Epsilon. I have served as secretary for the College Republicans. I have helped re-found the History Club in junction with assisting our new public history program. I currently work as a rhetoric consultant in our new Rhetoric Center. One of my favorite activities on campus is volunteering with the Garnet & Grey Society. There is nothing like helping young men make the right decision by choosing to come to Hampden-Sydney College.
  3. What have you enjoyed most about the Wilson Leadership Fellows Program?
    The new four-year program so far has been quite the experience. With the first-year programming and Society of ’91, there has been a lot to take in. I guess I could say what I have enjoyed most is having my idea of what leadership is completely turned upside down. Between reading leadership theory and hearing from guest speakers, I have learned there is a lot more to leadership then I ever realized. The relationship between leaders and followers alone is something someone could spend a substantial amount of time researching and learning about.
  4. How has the Wilson Leadership Fellows Program helped you grow as a person, student, or leader?
    I think the easiest way to explain this answer is by saying the Wilson Center has provided me so many opportunities. In just two years I have been able to go to Washington, D.C. three times thanks to the Wilson Center. After each one of those trips, I walked away with some new information that I found quite valuable. The information has ranged from foreign policy to domestic agriculture policy. Aside from the trips I have been able to go on, I have also been able to have dinner with some amazing guests. This year alone I was able to enjoy great conversations with the Honorable Paul Trible ’68 and Ambassador Ed McMullen ’86. The new Wilson Center program is shaping up to be something very special, and I say that with great confidence.
  5. Ian Lichacz '22What are your plans after HSC?
    My current plans for after I finish my time at Hampden-Sydney are very malleable, but there are two things that I know I want to do, the first being taking some time to restore historic buildings across Virginia with the hopes of flipping them and getting them appreciated once again. With rapid growth happening across Virginia, now more than ever we have to protect our Commonwealth’s history. The second thing I have my eyes set on is running for City Council in my hometown of Virginia Beach. I have served on city council-appointed commissions since I was sixteen and have always wanted the opportunity to substantially give back to my community. Once I get some work experience under my belt, I have every intention on setting out to serve my neighbors and fellow residents on City Council.

Ian Fitzgerald ’22

  1. Ian Fitzgerald '22 headshotWhy did you choose HSC?
    I chose H-SC because it felt like home the first time I visited the campus. The people I met throughout my visits during high school made me feel as though I was already a part of the close-knit family that is the H-SC campus even before my freshman year.
  2. With what activities have you been involved at HSC?
    Throughout out my time at Hampden-Sydney, I have been a Wilson Leadership Fellow, a member of the soccer team, Wilson Center freshman peer advisor, Student Athlete Mentor (SAM), resident advisor, and a member of the Garnet & Grey Society.
  3. What have you enjoyed most about the Wilson Leadership Fellows program?
    The thing that I have enjoyed most about being a Wilson Center fellow is being exposed to all different aspects of leadership. Through lectures, forums, symposia, excursions, and interactive activities, I have been exposed to unique and exciting ways to lead people.
  4. How has the Wilson Leadership Fellows Program helped you grow as a person, student, or leader?
    The Wilson Center has helped me develop traits that make me a better person, student, and leader. I have learned to communicate well and to establish good relationships with the people you surround yourself with because without those two things, no substantial progress can be made on anything.
  5. What are your plans after HSC?
    I plan to pursue a law degree and an MBA.

Ian Fitzgerald '22 with Professor Pontuso