Wilson Center Award Banquet

Each year those associated with the Wilson Center gather to celebrate our graduates and to honor the recipients of the James Madison and Patrick Henry awards.  These banquets are always meaningful events as our students hear from role models who have lived lives of exemplary service.

The following students completed requirements for the Leadership in the Public Interest minor.  This minor was originally developed as a program in the early 1990s for students interested in careers focused on selfless service.  The minor provides students the opportunity to study leaders and leadership concepts that are applicable to citizenship, service, and ethical decision making in a variety of contexts.

Congratulations to:
John David Allen
Robert Christopher Bowen
Chase Kristian Counts
Conner Jones Francis
Ethan Michael Gaines
Nicklaus Scott Hinckle
Christopher Carson King
John Brandon Koch
Alexander Woodward Parham
Garrett Paul Ramsey
Landen Blake Wood
Levy Mitchell Young

The Harvey B. Morgan Public Service Award is presented annually to a graduating senior who has successfully completed the requirements of the Public Service Program at Hampden-Sydney College, who has demonstrated an interest in public service at the local or state level, and whose integrity and excellence of character reflect those qualities as evidenced in the life of Harvey B. Morgan ‘52.

Congratulations to the 2020 recipient, Conner James Francis ’20.

The following students were recognized for completing the requirements for the National Security Studies minor.  The minor was originally started as the Military Leadership and National Security Studies Program in 2005.  The minor provides students with insight into the historical, political, ethical, cultural, and legal dimensions of national security.

Congratulations to:
William Joseph Brady
Dylan Frederick Cate
Michael Colin Corini
Noah Richard Domikis
John Walker Dyke
Chandler Thomas Foster
Ethan Michael Gaines
Thomas David Gorman
Nathan James McVey
Cameron Scott Meyers
Peter Roper Pickard
Garrett Paul Ramsey
Ryan David Sanfilippo
Jackson Carter Stubbs
Trent Hollowell Taylor
Charles Joseph Toomey
Nickolas Villarroel
James Robert Winkler

Each year the James Y. Simms National Security Studies Award is presented to a graduating senior (or seniors) who has excelled in the field of national security studies, completed the requirements of the National Security Studies minor at Hampden-Sydney College; who has demonstrated leadership and service; and whose integrity and excellence of character reflect those qualities as evidenced in the life of James Y. Simms.

Congratulations to the two 2020 award recipients, Thomas David Gorman ’20 and Garrett Paul Ramsey ’20.

The James Madison award is presented annually to an alumnus or friend for distinguished service on behalf of the College and Wilson Center.  The two 2020 award winners are part of the very fabric of the College.  Both are model servant leaders and members of this special community.

Congratulations to retired Dean of Admissions Anita H. Garland and Wilson Center Fellow and Emeritus Professor of History James Y. Simms.

The Patrick Henry Award is presented annually to an alumnus who has distinguished himself in a career in public service.

Congratulations to Colonel William T. Anderson ’67, United States Marine Corps-retired.

Please check out pictures of the great event.