Ian Lichacz ’22

  1. Ian Lichacz '22 headshotWhy did you choose HSC?
    I think the easiest way to explain it is the fact that I felt like there was something special about the College. Something that I could only understand if I decided to call Hampden-Sydney my home away from home for four years. After two years on the Hill now, I can safely say Hampden-Sydney is a special place for a multitude of reasons from the Brotherhood to the Honor Code we all sign. You also can never forget the tailgating that is almost a tradition in itself.
  2. With what activities have you been involved at HSC?
    I have had the honor to serve on the Student Senate for two terms. I was elected treasurer of my fraternity, Delta Kappa Epsilon. I have served as secretary for the College Republicans. I have helped re-found the History Club in junction with assisting our new public history program. I currently work as a rhetoric consultant in our new Rhetoric Center. One of my favorite activities on campus is volunteering with the Garnet & Grey Society. There is nothing like helping young men make the right decision by choosing to come to Hampden-Sydney College.
  3. What have you enjoyed most about the Wilson Leadership Fellows Program?
    The new four-year program so far has been quite the experience. With the first-year programming and Society of ’91, there has been a lot to take in. I guess I could say what I have enjoyed most is having my idea of what leadership is completely turned upside down. Between reading leadership theory and hearing from guest speakers, I have learned there is a lot more to leadership then I ever realized. The relationship between leaders and followers alone is something someone could spend a substantial amount of time researching and learning about.
  4. How has the Wilson Leadership Fellows Program helped you grow as a person, student, or leader?
    I think the easiest way to explain this answer is by saying the Wilson Center has provided me so many opportunities. In just two years I have been able to go to Washington, D.C. three times thanks to the Wilson Center. After each one of those trips, I walked away with some new information that I found quite valuable. The information has ranged from foreign policy to domestic agriculture policy. Aside from the trips I have been able to go on, I have also been able to have dinner with some amazing guests. This year alone I was able to enjoy great conversations with the Honorable Paul Trible ’68 and Ambassador Ed McMullen ’86. The new Wilson Center program is shaping up to be something very special, and I say that with great confidence.
  5. Ian Lichacz '22What are your plans after HSC?
    My current plans for after I finish my time at Hampden-Sydney are very malleable, but there are two things that I know I want to do, the first being taking some time to restore historic buildings across Virginia with the hopes of flipping them and getting them appreciated once again. With rapid growth happening across Virginia, now more than ever we have to protect our Commonwealth’s history. The second thing I have my eyes set on is running for City Council in my hometown of Virginia Beach. I have served on city council-appointed commissions since I was sixteen and have always wanted the opportunity to substantially give back to my community. Once I get some work experience under my belt, I have every intention on setting out to serve my neighbors and fellow residents on City Council.