Wilson Center Events

The Wilson Center hosted numerous events across a broad range of topics during the 2018-2019 academic year; here is a glimpse of the programs brought to campus.

The Reverend Brian McVey ’90, Rector of Church of the Advent in Nashville, discussed the issue of human trafficking in our country.

Thomas McDaniel ’63, former provost and interim president at Converse College in Spartanburg, SC, was our Founder’s Day speaker and discussed the future of single sex education.

Dr. Warner Winborne ’88, associate professor of government and foreign affairs, presented a seminar on Harry S. Truman and his policies in Korea as part of our President’s Day celebration.

Craig Osth ’73 provided the annual Military Leadership & National Security Studies lecture and Chris Stirewalt ’97 regaled the audience with excerpts from his new book, Every Man a King.

Bryan Dickerson, father of Jack Dickerson ’19, spoke to students about his career in the Navy and as Chief Pilot for Delta.  We also hosted many other leaders and scholars throughout the year who celebrated Constitution Day, discussed the impacts of the government shutdown, and analyzed the leadership style of Vladimir Putin.

But the highlight of the year occurred on February 6th when the General Assembly honored the life and extraordinary service of Lt. General Wilson with HB 37.  Read More