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Coleman Meadows ’22

Why did I choose H-SC?

Coleman Meadows '22 headshot
Coleman Meadows ’22

When I took a tour of Hampden-Sydney during my senior year of high school, I got the opportunity to attend some of the classes that I was interested in taking. Since I graduated from a small private school, graduating with only 38 other students, I recognized that Hampden-Sydney would be able to provide me with a similar educational experience. For example, the small class sizes and close interactions that the students were able to have with the professors of the classes I attended resonated with me in a way that a larger state school did not.

With what activities have you been most engaged on campus?

In addition to serving as a Wilson Leadership Fellow, I am a tour guide for the Garnet and Grey Society, a peer advisor for a freshman advisory group, the president of the Mentoring Club, the chairman of the Student Court, a psychology tutor, the editor for the psychology section of the Journal of Sciences, an orientation and service leader, and a member of Omicron Delta Kappa and Psi Chi.

What have you enjoyed most about the Wilson Leadership Fellows Program?

The most meaningful component of my experience as a Wilson Leadership Fellow has definitely been the student-alumni pairings that the Fellows receive during their third year of the program. I was fortunate enough to be paired with Dave Wilson ’63, who has continuously provided me with knowledge about what to expect and how to navigate my life succeeding Hampden-Sydney. Not only has Dave taught me to pursue careers that I find particularly meaningful, but he has always made an effort to help me in any way possible.

How has the WLFP helped you grow as a person, student, and leader?

Coleman Meadows at camp with young children

As a Wilson Fellow with a minor in Leadership in the Public Interest, examining leadership theory has contributed to my growth as a person, student, and leader. For instance, it is easy to fall victim to the misconception that leaders are born rather than created through continuous practice and implementation. By learning of this fallacy early in my academic career, I have taken risks and opportunities that I likely would not have otherwise. In doing so, I have been in numerous leadership positions that have required me to examine my own leadership style and even ethical judgements, something that is rare among most college students.

What are your current plans after Hampden-Sydney?

The million-dollar question that seems to frequently arise. I have several options that I am still attempting to decipher before graduation, but in an ideal world, my plans would include attending graduate school at The College of William and Mary for school psychology and beginning my career thereafter. I have always had a passion for working with children and adolescents, and as a psychology major, I think this route would provide me with a truly meaningful career that also integrates my passion for psychological research.

Jackson Aherron ’22

Why I chose H-SC

Jackson Aherron '22 headshot
Jackson Aherron ’22

I chose Hampden-Sydney because of the opportunity to grow in and outside of the classroom. The College’s academic programs and the commitment to carrying out the mission of forming “good men and good citizens in an atmosphere of sound learning” impressed me.

With what activities have you been most engaged on campus?

While attending Hampden-Sydney, I have been a Wilson Leadership Fellow and a member of the football team. I have also served as an orientation leader, TigerFund analyst, and shift manager at Tiger Rec.

What I have enjoyed most about the Wilson Center?

I have enjoyed hearing and learning from distinguished alumni and guests of the College. These events are always enjoyable, and they have had a positive impact on how I approach leadership.

How has the WLFP helped you grow as a person, student, or leader?

The WLFP has supported my personal growth by teaching me the right way to lead. The program spends a lot of time discussing the leader-follower relationship, specifically the need for leaders to understand their followers. I now approach leadership by first learning about who I will be working with and establishing a healthy leader-follower relationship. Another way the WLFP has helped me grow is through the mentoring program. Beginning in my junior year, I was matched with an alumnus. That relationship has given me additional confidence as I begin my career.

After Hampden-Sydney

After graduation, I plan to start my career in the finance sector.

Matthew Marsh ’22

Matt Marsh headshot
Matt Marsh ’22

Why I chose H-SC: I came to Hampden-Sydney because I knew it would be the place where I could thrive with like-minded people.  I also appreciated the meaningful alumni network.

Involvement: I’m in the Four Year leadership program, Chi Phi Fraternity, I’ve served as Student Body Secretary-Treasurer, a Student Court member and the Future Educators Club.

What I have enjoyed most about the Wilson Center: I’ve enjoyed the opportunities it has presented to connect with other students.  I have also been able to as well as develop my own personal leadership skills, which should help me in the future.

Matt Marsh sitting on a terrace

The WLFP has supported my personal growth by pushing me to recognize my own potential to make a difference in the world. People often lose sight of their guiding principles and the program has helped me to identify my own guiding principles and apply them to my interactions with others.

After Hampden-Sydney: I’d like to work on the Hill for a few years after graduation then attend law school or get my MPA.  I am excited that the Wilson Center has graduate agreements in place with Cornell, Pepperdine and UVA.  This summer I’ll be working for a biopharmaceutical company in their government affairs department.  I will also be training for to complete a triathlon.

M.K. Johnston ’22

MK Johnston headshot
M.K. Johnston

Why I chose H-SC: I chose H-SC because of the exacting and rigorous academic program, the wonderful people, and the excellent alumni network. H-SC is an institution in which I knew from the beginning that I would thrive as a student, young man, and leader in and out of the classroom. I also knew that H-SC would put me in an ideal situation for success in my future endeavors. From the outside looking in, I saw a sense of love, family, and brotherhood at H-SC.  There was no other place I wanted to invest four years of my life to receive a college education. 

The H-SC experience has been a gold mine of developmental opportunities. On top of playing two years for the varsity basketball team, my time here has so far allowed me to participate in the Pre-Law Society, the Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, Brother4Brother mentorship program, the Sigma Tau Delta English honor society, as well as the inaugural class of the Wilson Fellows Leadership program. My fellow students also trusted me with the opportunity to serve as the president of the H-SC Islamic Society, which I did happily while also working a job at the campus library. 

MK Johnston in a suit

What I have enjoyed most about the Wilson Fellows Leadership program are the countless seminars and programs that not only focused on leadership, but also on various aspects of honing and developing my personality, character, and mentality.  These sessions enabled me to develop my leadership capabilities to take on the world by enjoining the right and forbidding the wrong. 

The Wilson Fellows Leadership Program has helped me grow as a student, person, and leader, by exposing me to valuable information such as public speaking, important leadership characteristics, and team-building exercises, just to name a few.  Thanks to the mentoring program, networking opportunities, help with internships, etc., the Wilson Fellows Leadership Program has put me in a position to continue to be a successful student, person, and leader. 

This summer I will be interning at the H-SC Alumni office, while also prepping and studying to take the LSAT in October.  I will also be starting a new chapter in my life by getting married. After my journey has ended at H-SC, I plan to enroll in law school.

Alex Zorko ‘22

Alex Zorko '22 in a Hampden-Sydney sweatshirt

The main reason why I chose to attend Hampden-Sydney College, at the time, was the opportunity to play tennis and pursue academics. I vividly remember the student tour that my mom and I received and the way the tour guide described the College. Whether it was the Career Center, the Wilson Center, the Alumni Network or simply the Brotherhood that one gets to experience, the student was proud to be a Hampden-Sydney man and a Tiger. We loved it so much that the next day we actually paid the fee to reserve a spot in the class of 2022. 

Outside of being a proud Wilson Fellow, in the past five semesters I have been involved with the Minority Student Union, Spanish Club, German Club, the Brother 4 Brother Mentorship program, College Activity Council, Madisonian, Pre-Law Society, Phi-Beta Lambda (Pre-Business Society), the Soccer Club, and the Varsity Tennis Team. I have had the pleasure to work in the Bortz Library, in the Office of Global Education, as a Resident Advisor, in the Office of Communications, as well as a tutor for German. 

Alex Zorko in Copenhagen
Zorko at the Alliance of Democracies summit
in Copenhagen

The number and variety of speakers that we have had the opportunity to listen to is amazing. As a foreign affairs major, it is always fascinating to see the wide range of alumni that H-SC has to offer. Ambassador McMullen ‘86, Henrik Rasmussen ‘03, and President Trible ’68 were some of my favorite speakers that have been on campus. By far the best part of the Wilson Center is their reach and the willingness to help students. I remember my freshman year when Dr. Pemberton pulled me aside, and asked me to come by the board room in the library with my resume printed out because he had an alumnus he wanted to introduce me to who could help me in my search for an internship. I was very excited. At that time I had heard about the Alumni Network but had not experienced it for myself. As I arrived, Dr. Pemberton immediately introduced me to Henrik Rasmussen ’03. Henrik and I talked for maybe ten minutes and after looking at my resume, he told me that he would reach out to some folks for an internship. I could not believe what just happened. Later that day, I emailed him to thank him for taking the time, and a couple of days later, I received an email inquiring if I wanted to become a volunteer for a summit hosted by the Alliance of Democracies in Copenhagen. 

The Wilson Leadership Fellow Program has shaped me in many ways. I have grown from my freshman year, and much is accredited to the Wilson Center. I would say that the Wilson Center and other Wilson Fellows have pushed me to get involved in the life of H-SC. Looking at my class of Wilson Fellows, we have had a mutual understanding of taking leadership positions across campus. While I am a member of the College Activities Council, I have friends who are juniors in the program, representing the Honor Court, the Senate, and other leadership roles. For me personally, I think the lesson that we all learn from the beginning is that a leader must step up and take action. 

I am not entirely sure what I will be doing after my time at H-SC. I could be pursuing my Master’s degree either here in the States or back in Europe. I am open to any opportunity, and right now I am giving it more time to see what other options may open up in the future.  

Jason Covaney ‘22

Jason Covaney in baseball uniform

Why I chose H-SC: I chose Hampden-Sydney first and foremost because I wanted to have a small and intimate classroom and campus setting. Since my dad Mike (‘93) is an alumnus of the college, it was an easy decision. I love how the school is so tight-knit and how much weight a degree from Hampden-Sydney carries, and I knew it was the best place for me. 

I currently compete on the swim team and baseball team, I am an RA, and a member of Alpha Chi Sigma and the Wilson Leadership Fellows Program (WFLP). 

What I have enjoyed most about the WLFP is being able to have the opportunity to listen to so many guest speakers and their takes on leadership in many of its different aspects in life, at school, and in the workplace. 

ason Covaney '22 with his father, Michael Covaney '93
Jason Covaney ’22 with his father Michael ’93

Simply put, the WLFP, combined with the standards instilled by the college, has allowed me not only to grow as a good man and good citizen, but also as a leader. Being a leader is being a good citizen, so I think that the WLFP has helped me live out the standards of the college. 

After Hampden-Sydney, I plan on entering graduate school to focus on astrophysics, with the goal of earning my PhD in the field. After that, I hope to work as a researcher in the space industry, such as NASA, SpaceX, etc. 

Andrew Smith ’22

Andrew Smith headshot
  • Why did you choose HSC?
    I chose Hampden-Sydney because I was looking for a smaller college that would provide me with opportunities to succeed. I came on an overnight visit my senior year of high school and immediately felt at home. I met some incredible people and wanted to develop the close relationships I saw on campus between students, alumni, faculty, and staff.
  • What activities have you been engaged with on campus?
    In addition to serving as a Wilson Fellow, I am a member of the Garnet and Grey Society, the President’s Men, and the Pre-Health Society. I am in Alpha Epsilon Delta, a health pre-professional honor society. I have also served as the annotator and COVID-19 chair for the Sigma Chi Fraternity.
  • What have you enjoyed most about the Wilson Leadership Fellows program?
    I have enjoyed meeting my fellow members in the program. It provided an environment to meet other leaders that have been in every organization I am involved with on campus. Now that my brother is a freshman in the program, I look forward to working with him at events, too.
  • How has the WLFP helped you grow as a person, student, or leader?
    The program has allowed me to examine leadership through a different lens than I did in the past. We get to talk about leadership in an academic setting and practice what we have learned in a controlled environment. I have also had amazing mentors through the program who have improved my overall college experience.
  • What are your plans after HSC?
    Following graduation, I plan on going to medical school.
Andrew Smith with his brother
Andrew, pictured with his brother Jack ’24

Lucio Chavez ’22

Lucio Chavez headshot
  • Why did you choose HSC?
    When applying to colleges, I never expected one to show as much interest in me as Hampden-Sydney did. I felt like part of the brotherhood through the interactions that I had during my first visit. The close-knit environment makes the campus seem less like a college campus and more like community. There is no other college that delivers this atmosphere of brotherhood. 
  • What activities have you been engaged with on campus?
    In addition to serving as a Wilson Leadership Fellow, I am president of the Pre-Law Society, vice president of the Outsiders Club, associate editor of The Tiger, a resident advisor, a peer advisor for a freshman advisory group, chairman of the Orientation and Service Leaders, a member of the Brother for Brother program, and a junior member of UPLS.
  • What have you enjoyed most about the Wilson Leadership Fellows program?
    What I have enjoyed most about the program is the small group conversations. Being able to hold conversations with fellow students has helped expand my understanding of leadership. 
  • How has the WLFP helped you grow as a person, student, or leader?
    The WLFP and the Intro to Leadership course have helped sharpen my ideals. The program introduced me to ways and beliefs that have helped me grow as a Hampden-Sydney man. As I have assumed positions of leadership throughout my time in college, the program has become a stepping-stone to becoming a better leader. The instructors within the program have expanded my knowledge in leader-follower relations and defining my role as a leader.
  • What are your plans after HSC?
    I plan to pursue a Master of Public Administration degree with a concentration in social policy; I also hope to attend law school in the later future. I am excited that Hampden-Sydney and the Wilson Center have established formal relationships with programs at Cornell, Pepperdine, and Batten at UVA. I plan to look at all three programs closely.
Lucio Chavez
left to right, Virginia state Senator Jennifer L. McClellan, Lucio Chavez ’22, and Cynthia Hudson, Virginia’s chief deputy attorney

Josh Hall

Josh Hall

Why did you choose Hampden-Sydney?

Hampden-Sydney offered me an opportunity to further my education in an environment that acknowledged my merit as not only a student, but as an individual. When the school evaluated my student profile, they reviewed more than just my GPA. While my academic resume was solid on paper, HSC showed equal, if not more, interest in who I was as a person.

What activities have you been involved with in on campus?

My freshman year I was a walk-on member of the basketball team. Since then I have let basketball go to pursue a higher GPA, become a Resident Advisor, and serve as vice president of the Minority Student Union. I have also been chosen to be a student member of the Intercultural Affairs Committee and made significant motions to found a NAACP chapter on campus, in addition to joining the radio and music production club.

What have you enjoyed most about the Wilson Leadership Fellows Program?

I have found great value in the skills that the Wilson Center teaches about commitment and time management. As a freshman, the program can be challenging at times because it requires you to monitor your emails and schedule your work around irregular events. Since most events are encouraged but not mandatory, regular attendance shows how committed you are to the program and how willing you are to seek out opportunities and connections that you would never have known if you missed those events.

How has the Wilson Leadership Fellows Program helped you grow as a person, student, or leader?

The Wilson Center has helped me realize that personal integrity is what makes a leader. Simply belonging to a group of leaders is not enough, and leadership is not about the resume builders or the accolades or the acknowledgements. Leadership is about following one’s own ethical compass, uplifting the community around oneself, and encouraging others to do the same. A leader does not wait for an order or a cultural shift to take action.

What are your plans after H-SC?

After Hampden-Sydney, I plan to pursue a law degree.

Josh Hall

Andrew Rehak

Andrew RehakWhy did you choose Hampden-Sydney?

The small size really made Hampden-Sydney feel like a home. I had considered a few other colleges, but I knew H-SC was the right choice as soon as I made my first visit to campus. After one year here, I can say that the ability to work closely with professors has proven to be an invaluable advantage.

What activities have you been involved with in on campus?

I am the vice president of the Mentor Program, the secretary of the Environmental Club, and a member of the Pre-Health Society. I am also on the swim team and have been chosen to be the Resident Advisor for the Modern American Leaders living and learning community.

What have you enjoyed most about the Wilson Leadership Fellows Program?

I have really enjoyed the people I have met; from other students to the guests speakers, they have all been positive influences in my life. Moreover, the Wilson Center has helped me develop my own ideas about leadership and has taught me how to be a more effective leader.

How has the Wilson Leadership Fellows Program helped you grow as a person, student, or leader?

Through the various lectures, class presentations, group discussions, and self-reflections, I believe I have grasped a few key ideas that allow me to be a more effective leader. Each of the guests that spoke in the 2019-2020 academic year brought some new insight to the table, and the culmination of their ideas has caused me to grow both as a person and a leader.

What are your plans after H-SC?

Following my graduation, I plan to attend medical school where I hope to further my studies and specialize in anesthesiology.

Andrew Rehak