Lucio Chavez ’22

Lucio Chavez headshot
  • Why did you choose HSC?
    When applying to colleges, I never expected one to show as much interest in me as Hampden-Sydney did. I felt like part of the brotherhood through the interactions that I had during my first visit. The close-knit environment makes the campus seem less like a college campus and more like community. There is no other college that delivers this atmosphere of brotherhood. 
  • What activities have you been engaged with on campus?
    In addition to serving as a Wilson Leadership Fellow, I am president of the Pre-Law Society, vice president of the Outsiders Club, associate editor of The Tiger, a resident advisor, a peer advisor for a freshman advisory group, chairman of the Orientation and Service Leaders, a member of the Brother for Brother program, and a junior member of UPLS.
  • What have you enjoyed most about the Wilson Leadership Fellows program?
    What I have enjoyed most about the program is the small group conversations. Being able to hold conversations with fellow students has helped expand my understanding of leadership. 
  • How has the WLFP helped you grow as a person, student, or leader?
    The WLFP and the Intro to Leadership course have helped sharpen my ideals. The program introduced me to ways and beliefs that have helped me grow as a Hampden-Sydney man. As I have assumed positions of leadership throughout my time in college, the program has become a stepping-stone to becoming a better leader. The instructors within the program have expanded my knowledge in leader-follower relations and defining my role as a leader.
  • What are your plans after HSC?
    I plan to pursue a Master of Public Administration degree with a concentration in social policy; I also hope to attend law school in the later future. I am excited that Hampden-Sydney and the Wilson Center have established formal relationships with programs at Cornell, Pepperdine, and Batten at UVA. I plan to look at all three programs closely.
Lucio Chavez
left to right, Virginia state Senator Jennifer L. McClellan, Lucio Chavez ’22, and Cynthia Hudson, Virginia’s chief deputy attorney